About Elin

Elin Christopherson is a multidisciplinary sculptor and maker of craft objects, larger objects, wall work, and art in the public realm.

With a primary interest in the glass arts, Elin renews ancient crafts and techniques in new ways, and makes work that often incorporates blown and solid hot glass, enamel fired painted glass, kiln fired fused glass, and mixed media construction, often with steel, copper, aluminum, and other durable materials.

In addition to her skill in glass arts, Elin has experience in metal fabrication, wood carving, and construction. She has also used factory production methods to create multiple parts for sculpture and public art.

Elin wishes to connect the viewer to aspects of the environment, noting that in previous times, ownership of the frontier was claimed for its exploitable resources. She sees that the next frontier is a re-thinking of our views of the land and its people in a different way than as resources to be extracted. Through her imagery, she looks at landscapes, toward places where human activity intersects and interacts with nature.

Elin has taught glass art and sculpture at numerous schools. She maintains a studio in Oakland, California.